Taiwan’s Education and Scholarships for Cultivating Talents for the 10 Targeted Industries in the “Thailand 4.0” Scheme


Thailand 4.0 is a new model being proposed by the Thai government as they look towards having a value-based economy. There are 10 targeted industries in Thailand 4.0 scheme, including Next-Generation Automotive, Smart Electronics, Affluent, Medical and Wellness Tourism, Agriculture and Biotechnology, Food for the Future, Robotics, Medical Hub, Aviation and Logistics, Biofuels and Biochemicals, and Digital Economy.

The compiled list of departments and graduate institutes from Academia Sinica and 30 Taiwanese universities below is about Taiwan’s education for cultivating Thai talents for the 10 targeted industries in the “Thailand 4.0” scheme.

In order to support Thai students to pursue their advanced studies in Taiwan, there are approximately 1,200 scholarships (including university scholarships and government scholarships) qualified for Thai students to apply. Not only the Academia Sinica and 30 Taiwanese prestigious universities provide their own scholarships (please check the Admission offices links below), but also Taiwanese government supports three scholarships, including “The Ministry of Education (MOE) Taiwan Scholarship Program”, “The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) Taiwan Scholarship Program”, and “The TaiwanICDF International Higher Education Scholarship Program.”

In particular, the “MOE”, “MOST”, and “TaiwanICDF” three Taiwanese government scholarship programs provide around 20-25 full scholarships for Thai students to pursue their undergraduate and graduate degrees in Taiwan, including tuitions, airfares, and monthly living allowance between NT$12,000 to NT$30,000.

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand (TECO) has decided to preferentially grant the scholarships to the Thai students who choose to study in the departments or institutes with curriculums for the 10 targeted industries of Thailand 4.0 scheme. https://www.studyintaiwan.org/

For both education and scholarships, you can check out the “STUDY IN TAIWAN” website: https://www.studyintaiwan.org. Simply use the search engine to fine out all the Taiwanese universities, degree programs, language courses, short-term programs, government scholarships, and university scholarships. For “The TaiwanICDF International Higher Education Scholarship Program”, you can check website: http://www.icdf.org.tw/ct.asp?xItem=12505&CtNode=30316&mp=2.

If you need personal consulting or to regularly receive scholarships and education information, please consult us through our LINE account: @TTedu in either Thai, English or Chinese. Or you may visit Taiwan Education Center in Thailand website: http://www.tec.mju.ac.th/en.



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